A thorough discussion with one of our consultants is the standard practice to discuss what is required/expected. Meeting and greeting with one of our experienced consultants is important before the commencement of any planning or quotations. This encourages an organised mind mapping of ideas, while also giving the opportunity for the clients to have their genuine wants, needs and opinions to be acknowledged by our developers.


Planning & Design

Planning & designing should be as creative and exploratory as the physical and legal limitations allow. The projects undertaken speak volumes about the location, the owner and us as well; which is why thinking outside the box and having a can-do attitude is one of our core ideals. If a project planned with us is a reflection of the owners/residents and their life, then we must approach each project with the utmost respect for freedom of expression and originality.



Our proposals are personalised to your individual situation and requests, with assurance of first-rate results; as well as equitable prices/rates. Our guarantee to our clients is that our work towards our clients is guaranteed to meet all expectations and requirements.


Project Timeline and Commencement Plan

Our team's professional skills and accolades allows us to keep our clients involved in every single step of the project, whilst still able to provide a stress-free experience. Our boundaries and deadlines are Having a qualified team allows us to keep our clients aware of every single step of the project but still provide a stress-free process. The boundaries and deadlines set are assiduously communicated within the company, creating an environment with no miscommunications or misunderstandings. Everything is planned to detail, keeping delays to a minimum.


Project Completion & Handover

Project completion and handover is not a date, it's a process. By planning for it should be from the start of the project we dot the i's and cross the t's beforehand. Meaning it should be viewed as an incremental transfer of knowledge and operation from the project team to business-as-usual. It's the final steps of the project, as well as the moments we're most proud of as we run through the final intricate details with the customer before closing the project.


Customer Service

Our aim is to provide excellent customer service to all of our clients by demonstrating the following: Respect, kindness, and courtesy - Of all the qualities found in customer service, respect and kindness must be used when a client or another professional comes to you with a concern or question. No one likes to be blown off or, even worse, talked to in a condescending tone, and we understand this. We maintain the courtesy for the thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs of everyone; anything less is simply unacceptable.

A listening ear – The conversation about the project is kept as an open two-way street. Clients are listened to, and amongst our educated and experienced professionals are treated as equals. Part of miscommunication is down to one party not listening, this is why our staff all receive the required training in active listening as a fundamental part of our company's customer service policy.

Be a problem solver - Our philosophy on problem solving is simple. There's always a solution to every problem. If there is no solution, or something that cannot be helped or changed? Then there's always a way to adapt and find a happy medium. Our refusal to accept an unsatisfactory result for the client brings to life a service and dedication to our customers that cannot be found anywhere else. We liaise with the client to understand the root of the issue and try our best to resolve it in a timely manner.